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About Me

My name is Priscilla aka Ma'mitons. I am a Cameroonian born Princess from the village of Bangoulap, a village where people are poor but live a long life because of their healthy lifestyle. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to help fight poverty. My journey took me to the US, a wonderful country full of opportunities where hard work pays off. After receiving a world class education from the prestigious business school of the University of Maryland, I had the idea to connect my culture to the rest of the world while preserving our planet Earth; by using natural resources and the know-how of artisans from Cameroon to make fashionable, handmade and environmentally friendly accessories.


After years of hard work, savings and research, I am proud to introduce MA'MITONS. Ma'mitons is a traditional and affectionate title given to me in memory of my centenarian great grandmother. She is the most lovable person I have ever met and she taught me so much. Out of hundreds of people she could have chosen from to be her successor, she chose me. I feel like I have her wisdom and strength in me and I have been using them throughout my life.


Ma'mitons (pronounced ma-mi-tons) is a brand that connects people to nature with fashionable, handmade and environmentally friendly accessories. Every piece is handcrafted by Cameroonian artisans with natural materials, love and care. My artisans are fairly paid, which enables them to provide for their families and improve their lives by changing their economic status. The natural materials that we use come from the precious forests of Cameroon, which is located in Central Africa. My brand currently carries a collection of handbags for women with more to come in the future.


Our handbags are handmade with leaves called raffia (pronounced ra-phia) that come from palm trees that grow naturally in the forests of Cameroon. Raffia is naturally very soft and durable which then makes our handbags soft and durable as well. Raffia is also commonly used in the area of textiles and in construction. My great grandmother used raffia to build her hut, make her own wine and dry fruits. The artisans that I have carefully selected from all over Cameroon use their craftsmanship to give life to my unique designs. Together, we create true traffic stoppers that speak for themselves. We make sure that every step of our manufacturing process is non-detrimental to the environment.

In an effort to improve the world we live in, 1% of our sales go to SOS Children's Villages, the world's largest charity dedicated to building families and communities for orphaned, abandoned, and foster children. We cannot do this all alone so please don't keep Ma'mitons a secret.

Thank you and happy shopping!